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Pixel Blitz #Lowrezjam
Posted on Jun 6, 2014 in Programming

Although I haven’t been taking part in #onegameamonth every month I have still be doing a little Game Development.

Last month I joined in with #Lowrezjam. It’s a Game Jam organised by Deviever, where you create a game with a maximum screen resolution of 32×32 pixels.

I originally started to make this little shooting game. Which is loosley based on the ZX Spectrum game Jetpac, but I was unsure how it would work.

Then I had the idea that re-purposing City Blitz would be a lot easier and quicker. Which surprisingly turned out to be correct. So I knocked this up very quickly. Here’s a little video preview I made.

I’ve posted the finished game on My GameJolt profile, so you can play the HTML version in your browser, and it works on mobile devices too.

Everything by me except the Music which is by Allister Brimble and is taken from the Commodore 64 game Super Seymour.

My short term plans are to convert some of the Nostigic Platform Adventure games I previously made on PlayMyCode. As PlayMyCode future does not look at all secure, and I don’t want to lose most of my game portfolio.

Leave some feedback.

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