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Game Bridge – The Teesside Game Development Event
Posted on Apr 5, 2014 in Teesside

Game BridgeOver the last year I’ve been attending a monthly gathering of Game Developers on Teesside. This event ran by Olly Bennett  and Bruce Slater. It usally takes place on the last Thursday of the Month at the Dicken’s Inn, Middlesbrough.

I’ve been meaning to blog about it for ages, so here what happen at the last event with took part on Thursday, March 27th.

The first bit of news, is the name of the event has now changed from TeessideGDN to Game Bridge. The twitter page has been renamed to @Game_Bridge and there is a new Game Bridge Facebook Page 

Next to be discussed was a Kickstarter for the game Killstorm  by Nice Touch Games. One of which were in attendance as he lives locally.

I had a good look at the game and it’s a nice little Helicopter game in the spirit of the Mega Drive classic Desert Strike.  There’s a demo available to play now and Eurogamer has an article on the kickstarter .

Bruce announced a the possibility of a Game Jam in the future to many cheers, including mine, in the crowd. There was also mention a chance for local developers to pitch their projects for the chance to get venture capital backing in July.

There was then a panel about the Game Developers Conference, from people who attended it, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of attending the event in San Francisco.

With all the announcements over there was a chance to grab some of the free buffet, and then network and play some of the games being demonstrated by the local developers in attendance.

2014-03-27 20.27.54smallStomping Grounds by Melon Dog

Stomping Grounds was great fun to play, it’s one of those Local Multiplayer party games. This means 8 player can play in a  battle arena  on a single system. 

Senseless by Thomas Jowett

This was an early version of interesting idea for a first person horror game about sensory deprivation.

2014-03-27 20.37.12smallDon’t Look Down by Thomas  Phillips

This was a “Relative Gravity Ball Game”. It looked like the old classic game Descent, but with two players, Gravity (relative to the way you are facing), and a sporting theme. The changing gravity can real make your brain hurt, but it makes a very interesting two player game

Mad Lab by Loukia Kyriakidou

This is a nice little childrens’ game available on iOS and Android. As it’s a child game, it’s very simple but the art is beatiful and I’m sure the kids will love it. 

Shu by Coatsink

Shu is a beautiful and colourful 2.5D platformer with lovely hand-drawn characters some very clever game mechanics. I’m sure this will be a massive indie hit for Coatsink and I’m sure you’ll here a lot more about it soon.

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