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One Game A Month February 2014
Posted on Feb 20, 2014 in Programming

So last month I stated the Goal for One Game A Month February 2014 was to do an updated version of Bouldercraft in Yoyo’s Gamemaker. Well, as the previous post suggested I got involved in FlappyJam and made a game for that. I had was thinking of continuing with Bouldercraft after finishing Crappy Fly, but I’m just not felling it. So Crappy Fly is my official One Game A Month for February.

Although I have been resting on my laurels, I’ve created HTML5 versions of Crappy Fly and City Blitz 2014 you can play in your browser (including mobile devices) and uploaded them to Game Jolt. The Windows downloadable game files now live at You can also find my GameDev Videos on this Youtube Playlist.

Speaking of Youtube. CrappyFly was reviewed, along with a load of other FlappyJam games, by JupCraft. Here’s the video;

March 2014 Plans.
I’m planning on doing exactly the same as I did last march. Enter the Seven Day Roguelike Challenge creating a Rougelike  game in Gamemaker, and then spend the rest of March improving it. I suspect this is a plan I will exactly be followed for a change.

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