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My One Game a Month 2013 Review
Posted on Feb 3, 2014 in Programming

One year ago I started the OneGameaMonth Challenge with the idea it would be a  bit of fun and I would learn a bit about programming. It absolutely was, I had lots of fun and learned a lot about programming. Here’s a month by month break down and how it went.




Plans for this month;
My plan for this month was to make a Boulderdash clone. This actually was an ambitious project for my first game and was probably the one the took the most time, along with Dungeon Penetrator and KikBike.

I was pretty proud of this game when it was completed, as it was quiet complex and I did have quiet a few interesting bugs to squish. The game is obviously inspired by 8bit classic Boulderdash. It involves an animated character moving around a mine avoiding boulders, monsters and lava while collecting diamonds. The long term idea was to add crafting elements similar to Minecraft.

Link; Bouldercraft

Lines of Code; 656

Plays (so far); 709

Everything by Me except;
Music by Bill Wood
Additional Graphics by Bill Wood


City BlitzTheme: SOUND

Plans for this month;
The plan for my second game was a much simpler, a remake of Blitz (This time called City Blitz). This is a game I’ve previous made on the Amiga in AMOS basic, Scratch, / and previously on PlayMyCode, and is a conversation of Blitz from the Commodore Vic 20 by Commodore UK. The game involves an old Biplane dropping bombs on building across eight different cities before it gets to low and crashes into them.

As I’d made this game numerous times before it wasn’t a difficult project.

Link; City Blitz

Lines of Code; 332

Plays (so far); 333

Everything by me except;
Music by Anthony Putson (from my Amiga version of the game)
Cloud Graphics by Kenny.


Rouge Like

Theme: ROGUE

Plans for this month;
The original Idea for March to do a Platformer game, but then I saw the Seven Day Roguelike Challenge. So this became another ambitious project. I would enter the Seven Day Roguelike Challenge creating a Rougelike  game. Using a new tool, Unity, In a new Programming Language, C++. Then  use the rest of the month to improve the game and release a new One Game a Month version.

Considering the impossible task I set myself I didn’t do badly. Attempting to learn Unity in seven days was utter folly. I got as far the screen show below before returning to use PlayMyCode.

RougeLike Unity

Inspired by the Android title Pixel Dungeon I managed to create a simple Rougelike game called Dungeon Penetrator. This #7drl version was even reviewed on Youtube. Dungeon Penetrator #7DRL Reviewed. My first every video review. I then spent the rest of the month adding stuff to the game like;

  • Better Lighting
  • More than one Level
  • Procedurally generated levels
  • More spells and Potions.
  • Some nice music.
  • Intro, Credits and Title Screens.

Very happy with how this project turned out. Also this was the first time I’d actually made a game following the month’s theme. I’d love to come back to this project for the next seven day rouge like project, and One Game A month.

Link; Dungeon Penetrator #1GAM

Lines of Code;  871

Plays (so far); 421 Plays (#7drl version)  482 Plays (#1gam version) for a total of 903 Plays (so far)

Credits – Everything by me except;
Music; Adieu by K8-Bit.
Graphics by Conor McNamee


Chuck ye EggTheme: SPRING

Plans for this month;
As briefly mentioned last month the original idea behind this game was to make a simple platform game and then I could re-use this code to make other Platform games. Each game would inspired by Early 80’s British Platformer games. I called this project; Nostalgic Platform Adventure.

The early 80’s British Platformer this month’s completed game was inspired by was Chucky Egg. Although you may have guess that from the title. I’d also looked at other titles such a Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy, the Monty Mole series games and I also knocked up a bit of a JetPac clone called MoonPac, picture below, which was never finished. Keep any eye on that in 2014.


Link; Chuck Ye Egg

Lines of Code; 567

Plays (so far); 284

Everything by me except;
Music – Michael Heaney
Original Game Sprite; A&F Software


Go Go Gun BattleTheme: GROW

Plans for this month;
The first plan for the month was to make a game based on this months theme. The game would be called “Garden Growing” a written using Yoyo GameMaker. It would involved watering plants with a watering can, to make the plants grow while throwing the water can at nasty bees who would stop the plants growing somehow. The following image creating using place holder graphics gives an idea of what I was going for.



I never got the hang of using Game Maker, so for the first time this year I knocked up a game on the last day of deadline. Go Go Gun Battle is rehash of an earlier game I wrote called Snowball Sunday c64 Remake, which itself was a remake of the c64 game Snowball Sunday by Ash & Dave. I replace the snowballs throwing with gun play and change the background from something less Christmas themed.

Despite all this I think the game came out well and is playable. Also this game did have touch screens controls for mobile and tablet users.

Link; Go Go Gun Battle

Lines of Code; 323

Plays (so far); 453

Everything by me except;
Sprite Graphics by Ash & Dave.
Background Graphic by Anonymous.


4394.1372887286[1]Theme: EDUCATIONAL

Plans for this month;
Inspired by the months theme of Educational and using the Nostalgic Platform Adventure Chuck Ye Egg  code (and some of the graphics) the plan was to create a simple little platformer based on the the Commodore Plus/4 game Number Builder.

I re-used some of the Chuck ye Egg code as part of the Nostalgic Platform Adventure to put this together. Adding some simple Educational maths collectables. The idea behind the game is it gives you a starting number and a target number, you move the character around the level collecting numbers that would change your starting number until it was the same as the target number.

Link; Number Runner #1gam

Lines of Code; 504

Plays (so far); 169

Everything by me except;
Main Sprite by Commodore UK.


4812.1375647015[1]Theme: METAL

Plans for this month;
The plan for this month was to make a game in Java.

After failing to find away to simple open a graphic window in This month was the first month I revisited a previous 1gam title Boulderdash to improve it. The graphics were updated to the month’s theme Steel and doubled in size. This mean this was first game this year that scrolled. It was also given a new Introduction and title screens as well as some sound effect (from the Commodore 64 naturally). The game was also given a new set a levels.

Link;  Bouldercraft II – Steel #1gam

Lines of Code; 674

Plays (so far)’ 228

Everything by me except;
Some Level Design by Conor McNamee


4938.1378320631[1]Theme: PHILOSOPHY

Plans for this month;
After failing to get to grips with Java last month I thought I would give Python with the Pygame extension a go. It did seems really good, but it was too soon to get any completed for this month.

This time I can again remade a game I’d previously created on the Amiga.  You can see what it looked like on this Plorrds Youtube video.
The point of the game is to get a higher score than the computer. You do this by selected the Green blocks with the highest numbers. When selected the number on these blocks is added to your score. Avoid the red blocks, if they are selected their value is removed from your score.The game is played on a eight by eight grid. Human players move from right to left on the grid and the computer can only move up and down. This means you can use tactics to select the column the computer will play on, giving him a column with lots of Green blocks.I’d actually started this version about ten months previously, but I picked it up at the beginning of August thinking I could turn it around quickly. Although It was missing a proper computer player to play against. Link; Plorrds #1gam

Lines of Code; 337

Plays (so far); 116

Everything by me except;
Number titles by GameArtForge

Commodore style sound effects




Plans for this month;
The plan for this month was to create a game using the Hexagon theme for this month. I have memories of playing English Civil War ’41 in the early 80’s, so I though I could remake it as Hex Civil War using some Hexagon pixel art  titles from

Sadly Hex Civil war didn’t get finished, this screenshot below for the actually game code shows you what the game looked like.
The actually released game Hex Invaders was a very simple space invaders clone botched together in a couple hours. The only thing worth noting about this game is it my first ever game created using object oriented programming.

Link; Hex Invaders #1gam

Lines of Code; 320

Plays (so far); 98

Everything by me, sadly.


5325.1383589333[1]Theme: CANDY

Plans for this month;
I’ve always loved the commodore 16 version of Kikstart (one of my favourite c16/Plus 4 games of all time) by Shaun Southern. Which is a conversation of the superior Commodore 64 game, which has an even better two player sequel.

Kikstart was heavily, if unofficially, inspired by the BBC TV show Kickstart even using similar music to the show’s theme;  Walkie Talkie’s “Be My Boogie Woogie Baby“.

Unlike the previous months game I was really happy how this turned out. This was helped by an excellent soundtrack by JemgirlThis is definitely a game I would like to revisit and improve upon. I really wanted to get touch screen controls working for mobile devices, but could in the time frame. I’d love to expand upon this for Android. Maybe next year.

Link; KiKBiKe #1gam

Lines of Code; 444

Plays (so far); 359

Music by Jemgirl 
Some Graphics by Kenney
Eras Bold ITC font by Microsoft. 


Spectrum Game


Plans for this month;
The plan for next month’s game is a Platformer Shooter. Re-using some of the code from Number Runner and Chuck Ye Egg, but adding shooting like Go Go Gun Battle.

I had started work on the Platformer Shooter (the name  “Mr Banger’s Shootypops!” was suggested by Jayenkai), creating the main sprite and the below proof of concept screenshot.


Then I heard about  SpeccyJam a game jam to create a ZX Spectrum type game. So I modified this months game to look more like a Spectrum game.


The shooting part of the game didn’t make the final version, as most of the code is lifted straight from Chuck Ye Egg. It’s not the best game I could have done, and I would like to have another go at the Speccy Jam so I can make a more authentic ZX Spectrum type game.

Link; Spectrum Game #1gam

Lines of Code; 507

Plays (so far); 67

Everything by me except;
ZX Spectrum font by Sinclair Research Ltd.

There’s no December game, as it was just to busy a month for me to do any game development.


The following people have provide inspiration and support, so I offer them my Thanks. in to particular order;

Jayenkai, Alex Aris, McFunkypants, Bill WoodAnthony Putson, LZAntalK8-Bit, Jemgirl, Michael Heaney, Madgarden, Conor McNamee and too many others to mention.

Final Thoughts

Although I failed in my expectation to start writing games in PlayMyCode’s Quby and then move on to something else, like Java, Unity or GameMaker last year. I’m really happy that I did One Game a Month and with the progress I made in 2013. I am proud of how Bouldercraft, Dungeon Penetrator and KikBike came out, and I know I can come back to this games in 2014 and make these games better. 

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