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Crappy Fly
Posted on Feb 13, 2014 in Programming

You’ve probably heard of Flappy Birds, a small game by a Vietnamese game developer, Dong Nguyen, release last year which became very popular. This popularity lead to accusations of stealing content from a major gaming website, speculation about how much he was earning, and death threats. This and concerned about the effect the game was having on people Nguyen removed the game for app stores.

To show support the Game Development community has created a game jam called FlappyJam. With over 100 games created in the first couple of days.

Here’s Crappy Fly, my entry into the Jam, knocked up in a couple of days using Yoyo’s GameMaker.

Play the game in your browser on GameJolt, or download the Windows version on the link below.

You know the drill, Press space to Start/Mouse Button and Fly.

Everything by me, except;
Graphics by Kenny
Music by Al O’Dare

20/02/2014 – Add links to HTML version.

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  1. […] 2014 was to do an updated version of Bouldercraft in Yoyo’s Gamemaker. Well, as the previous post suggested I got involved in FlappyJam and made a game for that. I had was thinking of continuing with Bouldercraft after finishing […]

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