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City Blitz – #1gam January 2014
Posted on Feb 2, 2014 in Programming

City Blitz Screenshot 2014-01-25 20.18.13If you are confused by the lack of a game for December that was because December is a very busy month and so I decide to take it off. I’m back making One Game a Month again in 2014 and this time I’m using Yoyo’s Gamemaker.

So I though the best way of learning a new Language was to make a nice easy game like City Blitz. So this is the outcome, there’s no really improvements over the last version, except a nice explosion and a pause mode

Play the game in your browser on GameJolt, or download the Windows version on the link below.

Use Mouse Button/Space bar to drop button on the buildings in eight evil cities before you crash your plane into them.  Press Escape to Pause.

The details are the same as the last time I made this game. City Blitz in remake of an Amiga game I wrote, which was a remake of Blitz a Vic-20 game by Commodore UK.

Evening by me except;
Cloud Graphics by Kenny.
Music by Anthony Putson.

Next Months Plan:
The plan for next months, and a lot of this year, is to remake games I made last year using Game Maker. Hopefully I’ll improve them quiet a bit as well.  Next month’s game will most likely be another version of Bouldercraft. Although I do already have working prototypes of Go Go Gun Battle and MoonPac (a JetPac clone I started last year). I’ll also be posting a piece about all my 2013 One Game a Month projects.

20/02/2014 – Add links to HTML version and new Windows download with some bug fixes.

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