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Spectrum Game #1gam
Posted on Dec 4, 2013 in Programming

Even later than last months game and inspired by SpeccyJam it’s Spectrum Game. Botched together in the last couple of hours. It’s pretty bad with a title to match.

Click the Space Bar to start the Game. Use WASD or Cursors to move. Pick up the the yellow things, and avoid the red guys to win.

ZX Spectrum font by Sinclair Research Ltd.
Everything else by me.

This game started as the Platformer Shooter I mention in last month’s update. Then when I saw SpeccyJam I thought I would have a go at that. However I’ve have had a very bad month and didn’t really do any work done on it until today. Most of the code is lifted straight from Chuck Ye Egg.

If I do get some inspriation to finish this properly. I’ll recode it, redo the graphics, add some nice ZX Spectrum sound effects and if you are very lucky, add shooting.


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