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KiKBiKe #1gam
Posted on Nov 4, 2013 in Programming

On the very last day allowed, It’s time to unveil Octobers One Game a Month. This is KiKBike, inspired by the Commodore 16 version of the game Kikstart by Shaun Southern.

Click the Play Button to start the Game. Use A and D to move left and right. Space to jump. Complete all five courses without breaking your bike.

Music by Jemgirl
Graphics by Kenney
Eras Bold ITC font by Microsoft.

As above this game was inspired by the commodore 16 version of Kikstart (one of my favourite c16/Plus 4 games of all time) by Shaun Southern. Which is a conversation of the superior Commodore 64 game, which has an even better two player sequel.  Kikstart was heavily, if unofficially, inspired by the BBC TV show Kickstart even using similar music to the show’s theme;  Walkie Talkie’s “Be My Boogie Woogie Baby“.

This is definitely a game I would like to revisit and improve upon. I really wanted to get touch screen controls working for mobile devices, but could in the time frame. I’d love to expand upon this for Android. Maybe next year.

The plan for next month’s game is a Platformer Shooter. Re-using some of the code from Number Runner and Chuck Ye Egg, but adding shooting like Go Go Gun Battle.

Leave some feedback.

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