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Bouldercraft II – Steel #1gam
Posted on Aug 4, 2013 in Programming

This time I’ve left it later than ever. July’s One game of the month is Bouldercraft II – Steel.

Click the Play Icon to start running. Use the cursors or WASD to move. Avoid the bad guys and collect the diamonds to move on the next level.

It’s a squel to my January game Bouldercraft, with a few improvements such as;

  • New 32×32 graphics (instead of 16×16)
  • Scrolling level.
  • New Intro and Title Screen.
  • Sound Effects.

You’ll note this is written in PlayMyCode and not in Java like I said It was going to be last Month. I didn’t have a great deal of luck with Java last month, but I did start to use Python with the Pygame extension. It seems really good, but it was too soon to get any completed for this month. That’s the plan for next month…

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