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Dungeon Penetrator #1GAM
Posted on Mar 31, 2013 in Programming

It’s the last day of the month, therefore it’s time for March’s One Game a Month, Dungeon Penetrator. Originally made in seven days for the Seven Day Roguelike Challenge  updated and expanded for One Game a Month;  Click the play button below to start the game.

Explore the Dungeon collecting coins. Go Deeper for more. It’s WASD or arrow keys to move. Use the mouse to click items in your inventory to use them. No support for touch screen devices in this version, sorry.

The programming was done my myself. The majority of the graphics were by Conor McNamee (aged 13 1/2) and the lovely title music is Adieu by K8-Bit.

Improvements over the  Seven Day Roguelike Challenge version;

Better Lighting

The old version just lit up the the small part of the Dungeon around you. It now also shows parts of the dungeon you have visited previously at 50% lighting. I did want to prevent the light the player casts from going through walls, but I couldn’t get this to work.

More than one Level

The game now has an infinite number of levels. At least in theory. Please post a comment telling me how far down and how many coins you got.

Procedurally generated levels

This new version has 100% completely procedurally generated levels. I may write a post going into more detail of how this was done if there is any interest.

More spells and Potions.

This was something I had planned on doing but, never started. I did however remove the chests from the original version and replace them with collectable coins.

Some nice music.

As stated above, the game now has an outstanding piece of music by K8-Bit.

Intro/Credits/Title Screen

I’d added my standard playmycode Introduction and Title screens.

I think this will be my last game created using PlayMyCode, the current plan for April is to create a platform game in Unity,  but I’ve been planning a platform since February so who knows what will happen.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Runs too fast for me to play. Press a direction and I run over two or three spaces which means trying to line up for a door or items is frustrating. Also combat could do with some pacing and sounds – they tend to just happen and you find you have less health. Had to use Chrome to zoom in to see what was going on. Slow it down a bit and I’d love to have a proper play of it.

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