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City Blitz – Onegameamonth February
Posted on Feb 27, 2013 in Programming

My second one a game a month entry, for February , is now ready!

Yes, It’s City Blitz again. Originally I planned to do a British 8 Style Platformer for February, however many things conspired against me, including myself.

Anyway this is a NEW AND IMPROVED version of City Blitz contains the following new additions;

  • Splash Screen
  • One Game a Month Logo
  • Title screen credits
  • Nice clouds
  • The Ground!
  • 12 New buildings
  • Each level represents a real city, very unrealistically.

See if you can find out what the mysterious last city is called?

British 8 Style Platformer is back in plans for March.

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  1. […] The details are the same as the last time I made this game. City Blitz in remake of an Amiga game I wrote, which was a remake of Blitz a Vic-20 game by […]

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