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Scratch City Blitz
Posted on Jul 7, 2012 in Programming

As mention in the last post, although the playmycode version of Blitz is in Limbo. I have knocked up a version in Scratch in about 2-3 hours.

Scratch is a programming language learning environment created by the MIT to introduce people, mainly children to programming. I’d was mentioned by Ben Goldacre on Twitter, and the Conor came home from school and said he’s been using it. So I thought I’d have a play with it.

It’s completely object oriented, as you program the objects themselves and there is no central script. So it was an new and very interesting experience for me.

Here’s the result of that work. Excuse the graphics.


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  1. […] (This time called City Blitz). This is a game I’ve previous made on the Amiga in AMOS basic, Scratch, / and previously on PlayMyCode, and is a conversation of Blitz from the Commodore Vic 20 by […]

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