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The First Boro Tweet Up
Posted on Mar 15, 2011 in Life

I am a big fan of social media website and application Twitter and I’ve been using it for almost four years. However in all that time there has never been a tweetup (a meet up between local twitter users) in Middlesbrough (or anywhere on Teesside as far as I’m aware). There has been attempts to arrange them previously but these have all been cancelled or moved to other areas due to lack of publicly or lack of attendees.

This all changed on March 4th 2011 when the #Borotweetup took place at Blu which I attended along with @yaffa (as her alter ego @lovembro), who arrange the event, @williamtheblood, @richard_glover, @davidjinks (also known as @fffridge) and a special guest appearance from @borofutsal who dropped by to kindly hand out some free tickets.

Sadly a number of people who wanted to come had to drop out of the event at the last-minute, but we still had a great time and Richard, who unfortunately could not stay for the full event, even brought this rather lovely looking (and tasting) cake.


You can find the recipe for the cake on Richard’s blog.

Strangely I didn’t take any photos, so I don’t have any more images to share with you. It was probably due to my social awkwardness which I defeated with the liberal use of Vodka.

In summary it was ace, and I can’t wait for the next one.

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