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Zoe’s Place Midnight Walk 2010
Posted on Nov 15, 2010 in Life

Like last year the wife I took part in the Zoe’s Place Midnight Walk around Stewart’s Park. This years walk has a smaller attendance than last years due to a postponement and some horrible weather, but that didn’t stop us from trying to raise a little money for a very good cause.

Here’s a little blurry video I took on the night. You can’t see or hear anything, which is why I didn’t take a lot of pictures or record any more video.

Don’t forgot to donate to a very good cause here;

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  1. […] November I raised 40 pounds for Zoe’s Place taking part in the Midnight Walk 2010, and in December 50 quid was raised as part of the Cartoon Facebook Avatars and the NSPCC thanks […]

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