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Pong to Kong
Posted on Feb 20, 2009 in Gaming, Life, Technology

 pongtokong1During this weeks school half-term holidays the boy, my big sister and I visited the Pong To Kong exhibition at Dorman Museum. This exhibition traces the origins of electronic games in 1972 up to the present day.  (The title would suggest it goes from Pong (1972) to Donkey Kong (1981) but I guess they couldn’t find  a modern game to rhythm with Pong)

It has lots of computers, consoles and handhelds on display (Over 100) and even lets you try out some.  Computers such as the Philips G7000 (I had one of these), C64 (surprisingly the king of computers does not have pride of place, or a crown or anything), Spectrum (a 48k rubber keys type, my favourite),  BBC micro, but interestingly no Amiga or ST.

All the major game consoles are also on display in generation order, from Magnavox Odyssey and Atari 2600, to Sega Master System and Nitendo Entertainment System all they way to Playstation 3 and Wii (although curiously the XBox 360 is missing despite the XBox being displayed in the generation before). There is a lots of handhelds from the Game and Watch to the Nintendo DS via the Atari Lynx and the bizarre Nintendo Visual Boy.

The exhibition also has a stand briefly looking at how a modern game is made; the development of the microprocessor; and the history of Blitz Games Studios, a British independent games developer set up by the Oliver Twins best known for creating the Dizzy series of computer games.

The pnly problem I have with the exhibition is that is a bit small, but other than that I would recommended if you are on Teesside before it closes on 28th June 2009 you should go and see it especially if you have kids (the boy loved it).

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