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Posted on May 26, 2003 in Programming

I haven’t even start looking at programming as yet, However I even being successful
after two month of badgering to get access to some training material on Manpower’s
Global Learning Centre Website, My complaining seems to have given me access
to all the course on their. Also I was told this week at work all the contractor
should have access to EDSU, EDS Online university which offer free training,
free CD, and free online books However unsurprisingly and I have been unable
to access EDSU as it does not seem to like my Password or a Need a Internet
account. It’s a great shame because the training material is excellent, and
It has a nice introduction to C++ course which would have been handy for Morphun.
One thing I have got round to is creating my
first WAP site
, not very sophisticated at the moment but it’s a start.

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